Connecticut State Library
Digital Preservation Consortium

The Connecticut State Library (CSL)is a charter member of the new digital venture by a leading preservation consortium. The highly respected Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) was founded in 1976 and has shaped standards and conduct that influence the entire microfilm industry. One of those standards is the use of silver halide microfilm as the preferred medium for preservation. LLMC has not changed that conviction nor have they reduced their commitment to silver halide. But in 2003, with a nod to digital preservation, they launched LLMC-Digital.

The LLMC microfilm back file is being converted into digital format and new titles will be digitized and filmed. This impressive collection of 273 legal and governmental titles presently totals almost 6 million pages, covering U.S. legislative, judicial, and executive documents; state court reports, military law, common law abroad, and even historical editions of the U.S. Government Manual. Additional titles and volumes are added monthly. Several volumes of Connecticut Supreme Court Reports were added recently, with the expectation that volumes 1-104 (1789 - 1926) will soon be available for searching.

Recently CSL was able to contribute a title to the archive, the 5-volume 1907 set Leyes Commerciales y Maritimas de la América Latina. The Library will be acknowledged as donor opposite the title page of each volume in LLMC-Digital.
The CSL law collection was also tapped for loans to complete scanning of two legal treatises with missing volumes, filling in a fifteen-year gap. The two volumes were sent to Hawaii, scanned, and returned to Connecticut within a month. LLMC is located on the beautiful campus of Windward Community College in Kaneohe. As a charter member and subscriber to LLMC Digital, CSL eases its space crunch and contributes to the preservation of important legal documents. Work performed in the balmy breezes of Hawaii is saving us space in Connecticut and filling in gaps online.

LLMC-Digital is in the process of scanning and mounting high-quality searchable page images for all of the official state court reports and the entire National Reporter System (state and federal appellate court cases) prior to copyright. This will be a major advantage for space-starved libraries such as CSL. This volume of material accounts for roughly 15,500 on-shelf volumes. Equally encouraging, LLMC-Digital is committed to working with the Legal Information Preservation Alliance to make sure that a minimum number of archival preservation copies will be retained, so that no library inadvertently discards the last copy of a given title.

Researchers at the State Library are encouraged to explore this valuable and fast-growing resource. It can be accessed through the CSL Subscription Resources web page at More information is available at

Denise Jernigan, Unit Head
Law/Legislative Reference