Connecticut State Library
Humanities Grant
The Connecticut Humanities Council (CHC) has awarded the Connecticut Heritage Foundation (CHF) a $9,800 grant to develop a strategic plan for the Museum of Connecticut History. Over the past several years, the Museum has been going through the American Association of Museums Institutional Assessment program. The final report included a recommendation that the Museum develop a new strategic plan. The Foundation has contracted with Laura Roberts of Roberts Consulting in Cambridge, Massachusetts to lead the planning process. Ms. Roberts has extensive experience working with cultural institutions in Connecticut. A kickoff meeting was held on December 6 and the planning team was selected. The planning team will work over the next six months reviewing the mission of the Museum, previous studies, and its organization and services. The Museum Advisory Board, CHF and the State Library Board are represented on the planning team. The team will also be eliciting comments on the Museum's future from various constituent groups. It is expected that the final report will be presented to the State Library Board this summer.

The Connecticut Heritage Foundation is an autonomous not- for-profit corporation that supports the programs and purposes of the Connecticut State Library and Museum of Connecticut History. The Connecticut Humanities Council is a statewide non-profit institution located in Middletown, Connecticut that focuses its work on two time-honored traditions in the humanities - reflective reading of literature and exploration of history. CHC programs are often conducted in partnership with state and regional cultural organizations. Included is funding for exhibits, walking tours, cultural festivals and community humanities projects that explore Connecticut's diverse local heritage as well as American and world history. Each year, the CHC produces and funds nearly $2 million in cultural programming that enriches the lives of state residents and visitors statewide.

Kendall F. Wiggin, State Librarian