Who Will Lead Our Libraries?
New Curator of Education at the Museum of Connecticut History
iCONN's First, Full-time Electronic Resources Coordinator
Happy 5th birthday iCONN
Disasters Aren't Always Natural
Institute of Museum of Library Services Awards Support Library Service In Connecticut
iCONN Public Awareness Initiatives
Friends of the Library Month
Library Patrons To Participate in National Study

The Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, Connecticut

Invites You to Visit On

Saturday, June 10, 2006

This one-day statewide event marks the official launch of the Ambassador Program, a Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism initiative designed to showcase the state's heritage, diversity and contemporary cultural offerings.

The Library and the Museum of Connecticut History will be open from
9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.

* See a unique live presentation of the life of William Webb, an
African-American Civil War Soldier from Connecticut in the Museum at 11:00 a.m.

* If you are one of our first 100 guests, you will receive a
complimentary Frisbee

For more information, please visit www.cslib.org

April 2006

The CONNector has a new electronic format designed to make it easier to look at our articles. Please open this issue in a browser. We hope you enjoy it and will share any suggestions you have for future issues with me at bdelaney@cslib.org.

Who Will Lead Our Libraries?

At the Public Library Association Conference in Boston, a colleague remarked on how good it was to see so many young faces at the conference. Attracting young people to careers in libraries, archives, and museums is something we all need to be concerned about as the baby boom generation of librarians begins to retire. more...

New Curator of Education at the Museum of Connecticut History

Patrick Smith joined the Museum of Connecticut History's staff in February as Curator of Education. This recently re-established position ends the museum's fourteen year education program hiatus brought on by the layoffs of 1992. More than 50 applicants applied for the position during a national search. more...

iCONN's First, Full-time Electronic Resources Coordinator

Lorraine Huddy started working full-time as iCONN's Electronic Resources Coordinator on December 30, 2005. Lorri previously worked at Trinity College Library where she held the position of Reference Librarian/Electronic Resources Coordinator. Prior to that she held positions in private and public school libraries and public libraries. more...

Happy 5th birthday iCONN

"Thank you, thank you!!! My husband and I are kids in a candy store looking through the Hartford Courant historical papers recently put online. This has been a godsend to our individual research projects and will save us hours of time looking through microfilm. more...

Disasters Aren't Always Natural

The seaside resort of West Haven known as Savin Rock has endured more than its share of disasters. From the "Hurricane of 1938" to the "Flood of 1954" and continuing to "Hurricane Donna" in 1960, Savin Rock has indeed been battered by natural disasters. more...

Institute of Museum of Library Services Awards Support Library Service In Connecticut

The federal Institute of Museum and Library Services has announced grants in excess of $163 million to state library agencies. "This funding helps libraries meet the changing needs of their communities," said Dr. Anne-Imleda M. Radice, Director of the Institute. more...

iCONN Public Awareness Initiatives

In 2005 we concluded on the basis of awareness surveys performed that both more residents and more K-12 teachers needed to be aware that iCONN exists, that access is free and available 7/24 over the Web, and what it offers them.

In 2006 articles (one full-page) promoting iCONN were published in teacher union member newsletters mailed directly to the homes of every public K-12 teacher in the state. more...

Friends of the Library Month

April is Friends of the Library month and this year our library champion is Anne Farrow from the Hartford Courant. When Anne was asked how a library changed her life, she responded as follows: Anne Farrow's Library Champion Essay

In May 2004, a library changed my life. more...

Library Patrons To Participate in National Study

In 2005 the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS) contracted with Battelle, a leader in technology innovation, to design and develop the next generation of talking-book player. This new digital talking book machine (DTBM) will utilize a flash-memory-based digital cartridge. more...

The CONNector Editorial Board
Kendall F. Wiggin, State Librarian

Editor: Bonnie Delaney
Library Specialist: Hilary Frye
State Archivist: Mark Jones
Unit Head, History and Genealogy Richard C. Roberts
Administrator,CT Digital
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Director, Library for the Blind
and Physically Handicapped:
Carol Taylor
Curator, Museum of CT History: David Corrigan
Reviewer: Sheila Mosman
Newsletter Production: Ellen Morrison

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