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Combat Prints

U.S. Marine Corps Combat Art Print

Through the Federal Depository Library Program, the State Library recently received a collection of U.S. Marine Corps Combat Art Prints. Originally started in 1942, the Combat Art Program was revived in 1966 and continues to this day. With the goal to "record with the artist's eye the great and simple doings of men at war, to picture its action, it's settings, it's tragedy, it's humor", combat artists have documented Marine experiences in such diverse places as Lebanon, Iraq, Grenada, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, Cuba, and Peru. Several Marine combat artists have gone on to experience highly successful careers in fine arts, including Tom Lovell, John Clymer, and Harry Jackson. The State Library is proud to display, on the Balcony level, several of the art prints which depict the conflicts in Somalia, Haiti, and Afghanistan.

Nancy Peluso, Patrick Smith, Laura Klojzy

CONNector, July 2007