Connecticut State Library
Eagle Scout 2007

You never know what impact you might have on influencing individuals to come to your aid. Late in 2006 Boy Scout Troop 41 from Middletown, Connecticut came to tour the Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped as part of a program about disabilities. Several months later Anthony Perrotti, a member of that troup, approached the Library to inquire about possible projects that that he could propose for his Eagle Scout candidacy. He had been impressed with the mission of the Library and wanted to assist us in any way hecould.

Several years ago another Eagle Scout candidate had approached the Library about a project and our Sensory Garden was born. Plantings with texture and smell were placed along the walkway and across the front of the building. A stone dust path lined with railroad ties was created so that individuals could walk across the front to a bench and water fountain nestled among the plants. Staff, volunteers, and patrons have spent many hours enjoying the garden. But one feature of the grounds was still an eyesore...a huge storage trailer.

What the Library proposed to Anthony would not directly impact the Library's patrons but would enable staff to be more efficient and would  improve the appearence of the trailer. The trailer was used to store boxes of program catalogs, packing supplies, and cassette mailing containers. However, the materials were not organized, and in the very back, taking up precious space, was old equipment that had been marked for disposal long ago but could not be accessed and was very heavy to move. Anthony proposed bringing a group to remove everything from the trailer, repair a hole in the back wall, reorganize all of the materials returned to the trailer for easy access, remove growing weeds and brush from around the trailer, and paint the trailer to blend in with the beautiful setting of the library. Coincidentally, on the trailer was a logo for the shipping eagle. The workers highlighted it with black paint, dated it, and Anthony initialed it for posterity.   

Now when we retrieve something from the trailer it is wonderful to be able to go right to the needed boxes without having to move ten to get to one. Driving up each workday, staff and visitors no longer see an eyesore but a nicely painted green trailer thanks to Anthony Perrotti and his great crew.

Carol Taylor, Director, Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped