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NOVEMBER 2002 Volume 4 Number 4

Connecticut State Library
Established 1854

State Library Board Notes

The State Library Board met on September 25, 2002, at the New Britain Public Library.

Dean Nelson reported for Jack Shannahan, Chair of the Museum Advisory Committee (MAC) on several recent significant acquisitions including the Major General Thomas Guyer Collection and a 15 image series of plate glass negatives (1856-1864) acquired from the Machinery & Mechanics of Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company.

Ken Wiggin reported that the state budget situation is not good. CSL has submitted its FY2004-2005 budget to the Office of Policing and Management. An increased amount was requested for the Digital Library and the book budget. CSL is also preparing a 10% budget reduction and a prioritization of its programs

In new business, the Board tabled a request for a grant extension for the Hagaman Memorial Library, East Haven until the next meeting. The representative for the Hagaman Library was involved in a minor accident on the way to the meeting. The State Library Board approved a one year grant extension for the Douglas Library in North Canaan until October 27, 2003. After considerable discussion, the Board denied The Simsbury Public Library's request for a three-year grant extension. The Board was very concerned about setting a precedent which could result in scarce state dollars for public library construction being tied up for years. The Board suggested that the Simsbury Public Library reapply for a grant closer to the anticipated start date of the project.

In other action, the State Library Board approved 11 appointments (or reappointments) to the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development (ACLPD). Pat Holloway, the out going Chair of the Advisory Council on Library Planning and Development (ACLPD) and director of the New Britain Public Library was thanked for her service on the Council.

The Board approved a temporary change in Museum hours. New hours will be Monday through Friday 9-4 and Saturday 9-3. The Museum will be closed on Sundays, state holidays and Saturdays when a holiday observance is on a Friday or Monday. The change in hours was recommended by the State Librarian citing budget constraints, security staffing problems and a very low attendance on Sundays. The State Library pays the Judicial Branch for the additional police service on weekends With their limited police force, they have found it increasing difficult to cover the weekend hours. The Board will review the situation in six months.

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