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NOVEMBER 2002 Volume 4 Number 4

Full Text Electronic Journal Collection

Douglas Lord, Reference Librarian

The Connecticut State Library now provides librarians and patrons one-stop shopping for accessing over 15,000 full text titles. This exciting new resource, the Full Text Electronic Journal Collection, enables patrons and staff to use a single interface rather than hunting for access to journals through any of our multiple subscription services (Ebsco, FirstSearch, etc).

In the past, searchers had to look through each subscription service for the journal they needed - and hope that it was there! Needless to say, this was often a frustrating experience for the patron and the librarian. The Full Text Electronic Journal Collection eliminates those steps; instead it informs a user of a title's availability then opens the door for access. By using a single interface to our multiple subscriptions, the Full Text Electronic Journal Collection saves time, eliminates aggravation, and simplifies access without sacrificing functionality.

An example is the Harvard Business Review. When an onsite user types that title into the title box of "Find an electronic journal," they are able to select full text issues ranging from 1922 to October 2002. Although the library's access to this information comes from multiple subscriptions (Business Source Premier, EBSCOhost, and iCONN), users need not go through the arduous process of identifying which might be the correct subscription service to choose [for their date range]. Researchers can also choose between typing in the entire title, the beginning of the title, or simply different words within the title.

The Full Text Electronic Journal Collection reduces, and sometimes eliminates, the labor-intensive process of pursuing the right database; instead, users can quickly get to a search screen, tailor their search, and get the information they need.

The Connecticut State Library has partnered with Serials Solutions, a private company run by librarians, to provide this combined interface to our multiple subscriptions, which include JSTOR, iCONN, EBSCOhost, OCLC's FirstSearch, Ethnic NewsWatch LegalTrac, Congressional Universe, State Capital Universe, and Hein-On-Line.

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