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NOVEMBER 2002 Volume 4 Number 4

Historic Documents Preservation Program

Poster for the Historic Documents Preservation Program

Graphics designer Peter Good of Cummings & Good located in Chester, Connecticut was commissioned by the Connecticut State Library to design an image for a poster to represent the Historic Documents Preservation Program. This program was created by Public Act 00-146, "An Act Concerning Real Estate Filings and the Preservation of Historic Documents". The act established a dedicated fund to improve the preservation and management of historic documents. To date the State Library has awarded one million one hundred twenty four thousand one hundred seventy ($1,124,170.00) in grants to towns and cities.

The Office of the Public Records Administrator at the Connecticut State Library administers this essential program. All of the historic documents represented are photographs of materials found in the State Archives. This poster will be distributed to all Connecticut town clerks and public libraries by the end of the year.

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