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SENATE: 1776 Present
HOUSE: 1849 - Present


The database may be searched by last name, first name, town, chamber, or party. 

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About this database:

This database of members of the Connecticut General Assembly has been compiled from manual card files created and maintained by the staff of the Connecticut State Library, Law/Legislative Reference Unit and Bill Room.

This database lists members of the Connecticut General Assembly serving between the years 1776 and 2008. The list of state Senators dates back to 1776, and entries for House members begin with 1849. There is a separate entry for each chamber and party affiliation.

In the "party" field, the identification of party as "Union" prior to 1862 refers to the coalition of Know-Nothings and Republications that united in 1856 to run a slate of candidates in Connecticut. It is not the same "Union" party of Republicans and War Democrats that united nationally in 1862.

Members of the 1902 and 1965 Constitutional Conventions are also included.

Every effort has been made to keep the data as accurate as possible, and to correct obvious errors and duplications. In the cases where it was impossible to independently substantiate data or reconcile contradictory information, the original notations from the card files have been retained.

Compiled by the Connecticut State Library Bill Room.