Connecticut State Library with state seal

Memorials of Connecticut Judges and Attorneys
As Printed in the Connecticut Reports
volume 13, appendix 5


Born at Northampton, Mass., Dec. 15th, 1764; in Nov. 1783, began the study of law, in the office of Pierpont Edwards, Esq. at New Haven; admitted to the bar in Jan. 1787; passed the time in Greenfield, in the county of Fairfield, until Nov. 1787, when he settled in the practice of law, at Haddam, in the county of Middlesex ; Feb. 1791, removed to Hartford and resumed practice in that city; in October 1806, was elected a representative to Congress for a single session, to fill a vacancy which had occurred, by the resignation of the Hon. John Cotton Smith, but declined being a candidate at any future election. In May 1809, he was elected a member of the Council of the State, and was continued, by re-election, until 1815, when he relinquished the practice of law and removed to Albany, in the State of New-York, and set up the Daily Advertiser in that city. In February 1817, he remained in the city of New-York, until 1836, when he returned to Hartford.