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Memorials of Connecticut Judges and Attorneys
As Printed in the Connecticut Reports
volume 236, page(s) 925


Lawrence G. "Larry" Moore, 49, of Waterbury, died suddenly and unexpectedly in January, 1996. Larry served as Director of Communications for the Connecticut Judicial Branch from 1980 until his death. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Boston College in 1968. After enlisting in the United States Army that same year, Larry served in Vietnam prior to his discharge from military service in 1969.

Larry became a political writer and columnist for the Waterbury (Connecticut) Republican-American newspaper in 1970. During this period, he covered the 1972 national elections and the Connecticut General Assembly. In 1972, he became an editorial writer for the newspaper.

Larry, who was genuinely liked by those who knew him, will long be remembered with admiration and respect by both his superiors and his coworkers. His experience as a member of the press gave him a great sensitivity toward the needs of the public and the press for information. He was instrumental in making the workings of the Judicial Branch more open and accessible than ever before. Among his many contributions to the Judicial Branch and the public it serves was the suggestion of refinements for procedures surrounding the operation of the Electronic Bulletin Board Service (EBBS) by the Commission on Official Legal Publications. The EBBS is the mechanism by which opinions of the Supreme and Appellate Courts are made available in electronic format prior to their print publication in the Connecticut Law Journal. Ironically, Larry did not live to see the EBBS come into effect, as he died only weeks before it began operation in January 1996.

A lifelong resident of Waterbury, Connecticut, Larry is survived by his wife, Patricia, and their two children.