Connecticut State Library with state seal

Memorials of Connecticut Judges and Attorneys
As Printed in the Connecticut Reports
volume 15, Appendix, page 32


Was born at Woodbury, and a graduate of Yale-College, 1776; patriotically impelled, by the spirit of the times, he entered the army of the Revolution, and about 1780 was transferred to the commissary department. He was admitted to the bar, in 1782; and continued to practice law until about 1796.

He was a member of the House of Representatives, October, 1791, October, 1792, May, 1793, October, 1793, May, 1797, May, 1801, May, 1802, May, 1806, May, 1807, October, 1813, May, 1816, May, 1819.

He was appointed judge of probate in 1795, and continued to discharge the duties of that office until 1805. In 1818, he was appointed again, and acted in that capacity until his death, in September, 1822.