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Connecticut Patents Project

Eventually, this database will include all patents issued to residents of the state of Connecticut, from the first decade of the 19th century to 1900. Due to the destruction by fire of the early records, the items patented prior to 1836 are sparse and incomplete. The current database of Connecticut patents ranges from 1800 through 1890.

Each patent record includes:

  1. Item being patented
  2. Person or persons receiving the patent
  3. Residence of the above
  4. Issue date of patent
  5. Patent number
  6. A "notes" field containing miscellaneous information, including to whom the patent was assigned, if other than the "patentee"
  7. A numerical "subject code" which places each patent into a category; i.e. firearms, metal working, nautical, time pieces, etc. There are currently 44 different codes assigned.

Patents awarded to non-Connecticut residents have been included in the database if the patent was assigned to a Connecticut resident, company or business.

Invention e.g., stove
Inventor's Last Name e.g., Smith
Year e.g., 1842
Town e.g., Hartford
State e.g., CT
Code e.g., 15
Patent Number e.g., 002447


The Museum has on file copies made from microfilm, for records dating from 1836 through 1871.

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