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Elections in Connecticut 2008

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Elections in Connecticut are administered by the Elections Administration Division at the Office of the Secretary of the State who will post the official list of candidates at its web site.  For certification information related to the November elections, see the Election Calendar posted at the site.

Information on this page about candidates is compiled by the State Library for informational purposes only, and does not reflect all the changes/updates of the official list.




November 4, 2008 Election Results

President Barack Obama
Vice President Joseph Biden
U.S. Representative, First District John B. Larson
U.S. Representative, Second District Joe Courtney
U.S. Representative, Third District Rosa L. DeLauro
U.S. Representative, Fourth District Jim Himes
U.S. Representative, Fifth District Chris Murphy
State Senators All Districts
State Representatives All Districts


Connecticut Election Maps with 2008 General Election results.





For Primary Results  : CT Republican Primary -- CT Democratic Primary  -- CT Democratic Delegate Counts


Connecticut's Presidential Primary Election took place on February 5, 2008.   Although some candidates withdrew from the presidential race before that date, their names still appeared on the Connecticut ballot unless they requested deletion by certain deadlines.   One candidate has announced his candidacy since the CT primaries.  Complete rules and regulations about the election process are available at the Office of the Secretary of the State and the State Elections Enforcement Commission For additional details about the CT and other states' primaries, see Congressional Quarterly's  Primary Guide.

Presidential Candidate that will be on Connecticut's ballot and their Party

Link to Candidate's Official Web Site

John McCain (R)

Sarah Palin


Barack Obama (D)

Joseph Biden


Ralph Nader
(entered race 2/24/08, after CT primary)

Matt Gonzelez
(Independent party)


Nader / Gonzalez '08 logo - hyperlink to Ralph Nader's campaign site

Announced Candidates

Joe Biden (D)
(candidacy withdrawn 1/3/2008)
Hillary Clinton (D)

(candidacy suspended 6/7/2008)

Chris Dodd (D)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/3/2008)

John Edwards (D)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/30/2008)

Mike Gravel (D)
Rudolph Giuliani (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/30/2008)
Michael Huckabee (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 3/4/2008)

Duncan Hunter (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/19/2008)

Duncan Hunter 2008 logo - hyperlink to Duncan Hunter's website
Alan Keyes (R)
Dennis Kucinich (D)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/25/2008)

Kucinich for President logo - hyperlink to website
Ron Paul (R)
Bill Richardson (D)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/10/2008)

Mitt Romney (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 2/7/2008)

Tom Tancredo (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 12/20/2007)

Tancredo '08 for President logo
Fred Thompson (R)

(candidacy withdrawn 1/22/2008)

Fred Thompson '08 logo


U.S. Senator

Next election for U.S. Senator will be in November 2010

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U.S. Congress

Next elections for U.S. Congress will be held in November 2008

SOTS Candidate List

Candidate and Party

Link to Candidate's Official Web Site

First District
Joe  Visconti (R) Joe Visconti logo
John B Larson (D)
John Larson logo
Stephen E. D. Fournier (Green)
John B. Larson

(Working Families)

John Larson logo
Second District
Sean  Sullivan (R) Sean Sullivan logo
Joe  Courtney (D) Joe Courtney logo
G Scott Deshefy (Green)
Joe Courtney

(Working Families)

Joe Courtney logo
Third District
Bo  Itshaky (R)
Rosa L DeLauro (D)
Rosa DeLauro logo
Ralph A. Ferrucci (Green)
Rosa L. Delauro

(Working Families)

Rosa DeLauro logo
Fourth District
Christopher  Shays (R) Christopher Shays logo
Jim  Himes (D) Jim Himes logo
Richard Z. Duffee (Green)
Jim Hines

(Working Families)

Jim Himes logo
Michael Anthony Carrano


Fifth District
David J Cappiello (R)
David Cappiello logo
Chris  Murphy (D)


Chris Murphy logo
Thomas L. Winn


Harold H. Burbank II


Chris Murphy

(Working Families)

Chris Murphy logo

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Next election for Governor will be held in November 2010


Lieutenant Governor

Next election for Lieutenant Governor will be held in November 2010


Secretary of the State

Next election for Secretary of State will be held in November 2010



Next election for State Treasurer will be held in November 2010



Next election for State Treasurer will be held in November 2010


Attorney General

Next election for Attorney General will be held in November 2010

State Senator

Next elections for State Senator will be held in November 2008

Candidate List at the Office of the Secretary of the State's web site.


 State Representative

Next elections for State Representative will be held in November 2008

Candidate List at the Office of the Secretary of the State’s web site.


The Office of the Secretary of the State posts a list of addresses of all the candidate’s Campaign Finance Committees. For national offices and governors, several sites, such as Project Vote Smart, the Federal Election Commission, the Center for Responsive Politics and CQ Money Line provide statistics and analysis of campaign finances.



Candidates’ positions on issues may be determined from their web pages, web sites such as Project Vote Smart, and On the Issues. Also, use your public or State Library card barcode to access where you’ll find full text journal and newspaper articles. The State Library also maintains an extensive collection of town newspapers from across the state.

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Connecticut Headquarters

National Headquarters

Concerned Citizens
(Constitution Party)
Green Party of the United States
Working Families



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How to register to vote

Voter Registration forms are available (in Adobe PDF format) in both Spanish and English. After completion, mail or bring the form to the Registrar of Voters Office in your town.

Where to vote

Local town halls have information on polling places in each town.

Absentee ballot

Application forms for absentee ballots are available (in Adobe PDF format) in English and Spanish. The ballots themselves will be provided by your town clerk beginning 31 days before the election. The absentee ballot must be returned to the town clerk’s office in the town in which you are a registered voter.

Voter's Bill of Rights

The Voter's Bill of Rights defines what residents can expect during the voting process. If these rights are curtailed, you may file an official complaint with the State Elections Enforcement Commission



Connecticut is districted in several ways: 5 Congressional Districts; 36 Senatorial Districts for Senators in the Connecticut General Assembly; and 151 Assembly Districts for Representatives in the Connecticut General Assembly. Some towns include more than one Senatorial, Congressional or Assembly district. Each town hall has maps detailing its districts. The State Library also retains copies of voting district maps.

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