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Magnet Schools

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This is an introduction to some of the resources that may be helpful in your research.  We’d be happy to assist you with additional materials available at the State Library.  Please call us at 860-757-6500 or email us at

Interdistrict Magnet Schools are designed to voluntarily reduce racial, ethnic and economic isolation by offering a special high-quality curriculum that is available to all students in the participating school districts. Public School Choice in Connecticut, A Guide for Students and their Families is published each year by the Connecticut Dept. of Education, Bureau of Choice Programs. It includes contact information for all the Magnet Schools, and descriptions of their programs.

State Library Resources

The State Library has extensive resources available in paper, microform and/or online formats.  For a listing of those resources related to magnet schools, search our online catalog using the following subject:

Magnet Schools
School Choice


Full-text of the following sampling of publications is available through our online catalog :

Student Diversity at Charter and Magnet Schools, by Judith Lohman, Office of Legislative Research, 2007.

State-funded Interdistrict Education Programs--Updated, by Judith Lohman, Office of Legislative Research, 2007.

Creating Successful Magnet Schools Programs, by the U. S. Dept. of Education, Office of Innovation and Improvement, 2004

Interdistrict Magnet School Funding, by Judith Lohman, Office of Legislative Research, 2004.

Charter and Interdistrict Magnet School Update, by Judith Lohman and Alan Shepard, Office of Legislative Research, 2002.

These publications are a sampling of those available in paper and/or microform format at the State Library :

Recommendations of the Operating Cost Subcommittee, Connecticut. Interdistrict Magnet School Task Force, 2006. [CSL Call Number ConnDoc Ed83ims rep]  

How to Create Alternative Magnet, and Charter Schools That Work, by Robert D. Barr and William H. Parrett.  National Education Service, 1997. [CSL Call Number  LC46.4 .B37 1997]

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Electronic Journals

Use your public or State Library card barcode to access where you’ll find full text journal and newspaper articles, including the Hartford Courant back to 1992. 

The State Library subscribes to an extensive variety of electronic journals, which are only accessible through public terminals at the State Library.  Our Electronic Journals page details the titles and available dates. When you visit the Library, we’ll be glad to show you how to search the electronic journal collection by subject.  Pertinent titles with information on magnet schools include :

American Teacher
High School Journal
Journal of Curriculum and Supervision
Journal of Educational Research
Policy Studies Journal



Interdistrict Magnet Schools in Connecticut, issued by the Conn. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Equity, 2003?    

Minority students attending interdistrict magnet schools, by Judith Lohman, Office of Legislative Research, 2002.
National Center for Education Statistics, Public Elementary and Secondary Students, Staff, Schools, and School Districts, School Year 2003-04.  See Table 10, Number of Title I and Magnet Schools.


Related Agencies/Organizations

The Alternative Education Resource Organization advances learner-centered approaches to education. 
Magnet Schools of America, an organization that highlights and promotes magnet schools across the country.

The National Association for Multicultural Education draws people from all academic levels and disciplines to promote educational equity, and respect and appreciation for cultural diversity.

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