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Municipal Government

This Connecticut State Library Pathfinder leads to key local government information resources on the Web and in this Library.

General Sources  Dates of Establishment   Historic Document Grant Preservation Program   Legislation - Town Clerks  Local Government (State Register and Manual)   Maps   Ordinances   Records Retention   Town Profiles   Statistics

General Sources

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) provides member cities and towns with a variety of services, including management assistance, technical assistance and training, policy development, research and analysis, publications, information programs, and much more.

The Connecticut Policy and Economic Council Provides information, communication resources, and decision-making processes to citizens, community and business leaders, civic organizations, and local government in order to set priorities and help improve government.

The Capitol Region Council of Governments Established as a voluntary association of municipal governments serving the City of Hartford and 28 surrounding suburban and rural communities.

Firstsearch Over 50 online databases and 1.5 million full-text articles. Includes PAIS, a database chronicling global public policy and social issues, and other sources useful for public policy research. To access at the State Library go to CSL Subscription Databases and choose Firstsearch. A resource for information professionals dealing with public policy issues. Key features include news stories, statistics and web sites.

The Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) Provides educational outreach to state and local government officials, as well as, community and business organizations, to draw attention to the mutual economic benefit of regional alternatives to problems such as “smart growth” and tax reform. Available at the State Library This full-text searchable database provides versions of municipal codes, zoning & subdivision by-laws, ordinances and maps for Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

LexisNexis™ State Capital Available at the State Library For all 50 states, provides access to: state bills and laws, constitutions, proposed and enacted regulations, newspapers of record, articles about legislative issues affecting the states, legislature membership.

National Conference of State Legislatures Provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on key state issues.

State and Local Governments on the Net Provides convenient access to the web sites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Provides information about political activity in the 50 state capitols. Features stories reported and written by staff journalists, statistical data, and daily and weekly email newsletters.

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Sources by Topic

Dates of Establishment

A table showing the dates of establishment of all Connecticut towns.

Historic Document Grant Preservation Program

The Public Records Administrator maintains applications and guidelines to the Historic Document Preservation Grant Program, which assists towns in preserving their local records.

Legislation - Town Clerks

This January, 2004 Office of Legislative Research Report provides brief highlights of public acts affecting town clerks enacted during the 2003 regular and special sessions.

Local Government (State Register and Manual)

A key guide is the Local Government section of the Connecticut State Register and Manual. Officers and statistics, grand lists, tax rates, town associations, historical census information, and Post Offices are available.


Provides a list of links that direct you to maps of the State of Connecticut and its municipalities.

This full-text searchable database, available at the State Library, provides versions of municipal codes, zoning & subdivision by-laws, ordinances and maps for Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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Record Retention Schedules

Records retention schedules for towns, municipalities and boards of education are available.

Town Profiles

Town data can be found in Connecticut Town Profiles, a compilation of statistics describing the state's towns. Town-level statistics are presented by subject area and include demographics, economics, education, housing, labor force, government, and quality of life.


This Pathfinder leads to sources of Connecticut state and local statistics in many subject areas.

Web Sites

Municipality Web sites are available for many of the towns and cities in Connecticut, and contain links to a variety of local government information resources.

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