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Executive Branch - Constitutional Offices and State Agencies

Resources for CT Governors

Connecticut State Agencies

Agencies and Offices   |  Phone Directory  |  Brief Profiles  | Connecticut State Register and Manual

Reorganization of State Government

Many commissions have considered reorganizing state government.  Copies of their reports are at the State Library



Location in Library

1937 Cross Report  D St293
1950 Bowles  D C32 re re no.xx
1971 Etherington ConnDoc G747se
1976 Filer ConnDoc St330 be
1977 Gengras D F4915 pl
1990 Thomas ConnDoc G251 msg
1991 Hull-Harper ConnDoc G251g fr


Organization Charts of Connecticut State Government available at the Library

Legislative Branch -Connecticut General Assembly

Photo of State Capitol Building - Hartford, CT

Who represents you?

House and Senate District Maps

Senate (36 members)

House of Representatives (151 members)

2008 Legislative Guide

State Capitol and Legislative Office Buildings

Historical List of General Assembly Members (1776-Present)





Judicial Branch - the Court System


The Judicial Branch includes four
kinds of courts. Probate judges
are elected by voters; all other
judges are nominated by the
Governor and appointed by the
General Assembly.
Profile of the Judicial Branch

Supreme Court Lobby - photo of - Hartford, CT



Governing Documents

The Constitution of the State of Connecticut, approved 1965

Charter of the Colony of Connecticut, 1662

Fundamental Orders, 1638-1639


State Budget Process, described by Office of Fiscal Analysis. 

Current budget documents are available from the Office of Policy and Management.

Earlier budget documents are available at the State Library, 860-757-6500, or check our catalog.


State Employees

Number of Employees:

Salaries available in the CT General Statutes:

Salaries available in the State Register and Manual

Other Salaries:

County Government

County government was abolished effective October 1, 1960. Counties continue only as geographic subdivisions, we do not have any county seats.  

Refer to County Government in Connecticut; Its History and Demise by Rosaline Levenson. Available at the State Library [GIS Ref ConnDoc Ag83m cg]

Municipal Government




Prepared by the Government Information and Reference Services Unit, 3/2009.