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Using Secured Collections, Archives, and Offsite Materials

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Connecticut State Library
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Collections, including the State Archives, that require special care and handling because of their unique nature, their fragility, or a combination of factors are located in limited access areas. All such materials except archival ones have 'Location': "SL Spec Coll", "SL Cage", or "SL Offsite Newspapers" in the catalog.

Offsite materials

Books and journals with Location "SL Offsite" in the catalog will be retrieved for any patron to use. Neither an Archives Pass nor a library card is required. Contact staff at any of the three reference desks, Government Information, History & Genealogy, or Law & Legislation for assistance in accessing books and journals in the "SL Offsite" Location', and to submit paging request slips.

Cage Materials

Patrons accompanied by a reference librarian or other staff member may use materials with the Location "SL Cage" in the Library's catalog. Contact staff at any of the three reference desks, Government Information, History & Genealogy, or Law & Legislation for assistance.

Retrieval and Use of Secured Collections

Secured Collections, including archives, manuscripts, 'SpecColl' materials, pre-1850 original newspapers, original newspapers with catalog location "Offsite Newspapers", and archival materials stored offsite, will be retrieved for use in the Archive/secured Collections reading Area (ARA). Researchers must first read the current Rules and Procedures for Researchers Using Archival Records, Original Newspapers, and Secured Collections Materials and obtained a Secured Collections/Archives card.

Secured Collections/Archives cards also provide access to the Public PCs, including Internet access.

Contact the History and Genealogy staff for assistance in determining if needed archive materials, original newspapers, or other secured collections are housed at the main State Library building or offsite.

Paging Requests

Submit paging request slips for all Secured Collections to the History & Genealogy Reference desk at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled retrieval time. Requests submitted after this time will be retrieved at the next scheduled retrieval time, which may not be until the next day the Library is open.

Retrieval Schedule - Offsite

One Offsite retrieval is made each day, Tuesday through Friday. Requests for Offsite material must be submitted prior to 10:00 a.m.

Retrieval Schedule - Secured Collections at 231 Capitol Ave.

Secured Collections at the main State Library building (archives, manuscripts, 'SpecColl' materials, and pre-1850 original newspapers) are retrieved Tuesday through Saturday at the following times.

Tuesday - Friday
Retrieval Time Request Slips Due By:
10:30 10:15
12:00 11:45
2:00 1:45

Retrieval Time Request Slips Due By:
10:30 10:15

Revised, 12/2009.